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Why not Laugh?

February 28, 2010
By JustAbbi SILVER, Maplewood, Minnesota
JustAbbi SILVER, Maplewood, Minnesota
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Why not laugh?
Why complain about how much life sucks when we can laugh about how much life sucks?
Don’t seek out the negative when the positive is standing right in front of you, staring into your blank, dead face.
Why cry over your D in math
When you could fall asleep to Jack Johnson’s wonderful voice?
Why wear black when you could wear red, the color of confidence?
So you’ve never looked good in red, who cares?
Why stare at the stars and feel insignificant,
When you could look down at your little brother and realize how important you really are?
Why sneer at the ignorant
When they’re the one’s who are happy?
Let’s all be more like Forrest Gump
Why despair at hunger, sickness and death
When we can smile because we’re so lucky?
Why worry about the world
When 2012 is coming, so it doesn’t matter anyway?
Why frown at my jokes when you could at least smirk and make me feel better?
Why not enjoy the music while you can?
Why not laugh?

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