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March 10, 2010
By TamaraN PLATINUM, Kalispell, Montana
TamaraN PLATINUM, Kalispell, Montana
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as she hears the knife calling her name
there is an intense amount of pain
tears fall to the ground
she looks and there isnt anyone around
opens her eyes
and sees the reasons why
she cries out but no one hears
death is no longer one of her fears
hands r shaking
eyes are fading
love is bliss
but when u loose it its deaths kiss
when im gone please dont care
and know i will allways be there
then wait i hear another voice
saying girl u have a choice
hunny put that knife down
you can turn your life around
i know you've had better days
but baby there are other ways
just because your heart feels broke
does not mean your life's a joke
Just breathe in and out & wait
soon life will seem like a piece of cake
i know your feelings were very strong
but if you dont worry
it wont last to long
you may feel like nothing is right
almost like tonight's the night
but would you take your life away for a boy
to whom you were just a toy
so just take it day by day
and soon that pain will go away
when its done you will be stronger than before
and that evil voice you will hear no more

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