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Keeper of My Inebriated Heart

March 24, 2010
By OliviaEllisonStewart SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
OliviaEllisonStewart SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return" -Moulin Rouge

Pull me close to you
With your strong hands around my wrists
Like a fisherman pulling in the silvery nets
From my unyielding sea
As I fight to keep away from you
As I pull back from you
Useless I know
But still always my reaction
When you pull me towards you
It’s my stubbornness I must say
I cannot rein that stubbornness in
Why do I fight it every time
When I know that the only place
I want to be is right in your arms
Right where you are pulling me
Loosen the grasp on my wrists
Let the skin there breathe a little
And raise the goose bumps on my back
As you trail your fingertips up my arm
To my shoulder
Brushing lightly over my neck
Curving delicately around my ear
Tucking the hair behind it
And letting your fingers trace the line of my jaw
Where they rest for a moment
Right on my chin and I breathe
Deeply now sucking air into my parted mouth
As you let your fingertips run over
My ardent lips now turning pink
To match the blush I can feel
Seeping over my cheeks
Like watercolors on cheap parchment
And the distance is closed in a second
My stubbornness melting away
With each beat of your heart
As I can feel it
As I can hear it
With my head rested against your chest
Your arms around me
And my lips still parted and waiting
Always waiting for you
To brush against them like you so often do
So I wait
Even though my stubborn nature
Tells me to pull away now
To not let you win this battle
To not fall for your charm
And you pull those nets in
Holding me there with my captive heart
Perfectly content in your charge
Holding my imprisoned heart closer
As you brush against my lips
And crush my very soul
So that I am yours without omission
So that I am sure that
I only ever want to be yours
So that when we part and the distance
Seems like a chasm between us
My heart breaks as if that were our forever goodbye
And I cannot bear it
And you get what you wanted
As I fall into your arms carelessly
With no intention whatsoever
Of leaving them again
With no intention of taking back
My inebriated heart

The author's comments:
Trying to put a feeling into words may possibly be one of the most incredible things, in my opinion, especially when you learn to write things that can only be truly felt.

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