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March 25, 2010
By SomeCallMeSteph BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
SomeCallMeSteph BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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Its crazy to look for what we Already have.
To go searching for whats right in Front of us.
We drive ourselves insanse by Taking what we want
and then throwing it away
In hope to find a better version.

We give Love a time limit.
How silly!
For isn't love something greater Than us?!
So how dare we put a limit on it? Tell it what to do?

Shape it in our own image
And still call it Love?
That's not Love at all.

Love is something you can try and Shape
But you honestly can't escape
What it truly is.

And what it truly is
Will overtake you
And hold you tight.
It'll squeeze out all the bad. Take you by the hand.
And Lead you to what is good.

Love will give all of itself
To you
Untill you give all of yourself
To Love.

Its this place of safety and rest.

Love is the hand you reach for When you've fallen down
And can't get up on your own.

Its the crane that lifts up all of The things that wheigh down on Your heart.

Its a boundless thing.
When you've run away
It'll search you out.

Love is Love
And we can't change it.
Everything it is and comes with
Is unexchangable.

Love lets you make your own Choices
And it will hold you tight if You're right
And fix you when you're wrong.

Its not a feeling.
Not something to toss aside when We get bored.
Or when things aren't what you Thought they would be.

You can search and search
But never will you ever
Find something better than Love. Pure and simple.

Love knows you better
Than you know yourself.
It sees your potential
And won't cease
Untill you reach it.

Then it pushes you even further Towards the things you called Impossible
Because with Love all things are Possible.
With Love there is no limit.

Perhaps we've given Love
A bad name.
Associated it with weakness
When it's the only thing
That makes us stronger.
Tried to bound it with names
And dates
And silly expectations
And petty, selfish things
When its something so far beyond Ourselves.

Something so much bigger than Anything we can imagine.

Oh, Love.
We're crazy to look for
What we already have.
To try to run away from something As patient as Love.

We're all driving oursleves Insane.
Looking for Love...

But maybe Love is inside us... Dying for us
To hand it out.
To let it shine.
To let it out
So that those around us can feel
Safe to hand it out too.

Maybe we need to shake off all
The fears
Because love is fearless.
Maybe we need to try
and be everything Love is.
Because everything Love is,
Is what everyone is going crazy For
Because its what we all need!

And maybe if we are everything Love is
Then we'll also be patient.
We'll wait untill someone else Decides that they're going to to Try and be everything that love is With us.

And then we'll start a revolution. A Love Revolution.
People choosing to be what Love is So other people can learn about Love
Through our lifestyle.

So other people can learn to love. Because thats what love
Is all about.

Its about being selfless.
Not selfish.
Its all about giving your all
So someone else can give their all Too.

Oh crazy Love.

The author's comments:
I think this world has really forgotten everything that Love REALLY is. Its more than a boyfriend or girlfriend or anything we can even comprehend. So here's my spin on 1 Corithians 13.

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on Jul. 26 2010 at 10:12 am
Thanks sooo much I really appreciate it! Tell your friends?

MLStamp SILVER said...
on Jul. 20 2010 at 7:39 pm
MLStamp SILVER, Annandale, Virginia
8 articles 0 photos 35 comments

Favorite Quote:
Thats what we all are. Ameteurs. We don't live long enough to become anything else. -Charlie Chaplin

That was really beautiful, it makes 1 Corinthians so much more realistic! I loved it from the very beginning..WOW!

Ireland said...
on Apr. 13 2010 at 10:16 pm
Stephany amazes the world again with her fantastic poetry :) It was soo good steph. incredible, really. It deserves so mch more than 5 stars. Again Amazing :)