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My Getaway

March 22, 2010
By cfisher SILVER, Redmond, Washington
cfisher SILVER, Redmond, Washington
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When I swim I know what to do,
My body goes into a rythm where I don't think,
I don't feel.
Just pull,
Hand over hand,
Just kick,
Foot by foot.
My unthinking mind goes into a dreamlike state,
A place where I have no worries,
Except for quickly cutting through the cool surrounding waters.
There are no girls here,
In this place,
to stab me in the back.
No boys to worry about hurting,
Or getting hurt by.
Theres only me and the water.
And then all too soon,
My practice ends.
My mind snaps back to reality,
Back to laughing and joking,
back to having to think.
So much harder then my only worry being the speed of my body,
So much harder then the dreamlike state my mind is in while I do the one thing I truly love.
But for 2 and a half hours everyday,
Swimming is my getaway.

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