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More Than Pain

March 31, 2010
By RockerChick PLATINUM, Richland, Georgia
RockerChick PLATINUM, Richland, Georgia
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You know that moment...
When your hearbeat intensifies.
And for the first time,
You really feel alive.
It scares you,
Yet you're drawn to it
As metal is drawn to a magnet.
You can't get away from it
No matter how hard you try
Or how far you run...
It's there
And you can't get away from it.
You're trapped.
Hear the sound of glass breaking.
It's just like your heart.
See the blood which
You cause to drip,

As you taste the flesh
Of your so-called friend.
You feel teeth
As sharp as a knife
Digging into your flesh.
This is the mess you created
Thinking you were helping
By just 'fitting in.'
Look at you...
The cost you paid
Just so you could fit in.
See the tears of the people
Who love you most
Hear the horrid scream
Of the people beneath you.
It can't be you, you think,
There's no way.

You try to run,
But you can't.
You're trapped.
This time,
You can't get out.
Look into the mirror
At this bloody monster
With eyes bulging out,
You see the monster you created

All because you wanted to feel alive.
You feel the fire burning
In your chest.
See the ashes from all your burns
In this fire.
You see the ashes of stories untold
Of the past.
That's not you...
It can't be.
You were always a good kid
Or so you think.
Look and see
What you've done
As you stare through the stain-glassed window
Of your shattered past.
Look before you and see
There is more to this life than pain.

The author's comments:
I was watching an Edgar Allan Poe movie in English class. Of course, I loved the movie, but I was inspired to write this poem. The words just came at me. This is probably one of my favorite ones that I have written.

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