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I Love Your Light

April 18, 2010
By ColleenWALKER SILVER, Ironton, Ohio
ColleenWALKER SILVER, Ironton, Ohio
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Sun, how long will you stay?
I miss you when you leave me during December.
Winter hides the flowers.
as wel as the birds.
the life.
the light.
the hope.
Don't leave Sun. I need you right now.
I need the relief you send.
I need your warm hand on my back.
Winter slices my heart, and takes advantage of my vunerabiity.
Winter tears into my mind, out of spite.
Pure, merciless spite.
But you Sun, in all your glorious beauty, force my corrupted villian to cower.
And it cowers.
But may I ask for how long?
Please Sun, I need you.
Oh God, how i need you.
Winter dresses me in despair.
The chains Winter puts on my trembling body are heavy
But you, you break through those rotted jails of longing and you-
set me free!
You let me fly!
You tell me i could always soar, but only with you i see where I'm going!
Do you not understand?
Your light gives me life!

Please, stay forever.

The author's comments:
Although cliche, this is yet another poem about love and the longing for love to return. The entire poem how i love his presense and how not seeing him makes me lost. In the last two lines however, I ask him a question that in the back of my mind i know will be turned down and rejected. Asking him to stay with me is like asking the sun to shine during Winter. And I ask anyway..

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