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Dont Ever Forget...I Love You!

April 2, 2010
By chicka12 BRONZE, Boscobel, Wisconsin
chicka12 BRONZE, Boscobel, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
There are some things out there that you could try and thought you never would but in the end, your going to love it!

I love you
till the day I die
no matter what happens
I'll stand by your side
dont ever worry or shed any tears
I love you baby
now I'm always here
you listen when I need you
even when I don't
I love you forever
And that aint no joke
Walk with me
And I'll show you a way
To get through everything
Day after day
Remember those moments we shared
That made us feel specail
And then you'll know
That we promised
To love each other forever!

The author's comments:
My ex-boyfriend Tj inspired me to write this piece because, he was always saying how much he loved me and I started to believe him. Turns out, I did love him. (:

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