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Listening or Forgetting

April 3, 2010
By Dix-E BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
Dix-E BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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"I'm sorry I don't have roses I didn't think they were important besides, I thought love wasn't a materialistic thing." ~Devin

My eyes are covered with gloss
I've been doing this too long
It's like a dust that settles neatly
Keeping everything from sight
I can only see little bursts of light
Light from your sporadic love

Just because my eyes are glossed
Doesn't mean I've lost my tongue
I will speak my mind tonight
I will say what's hiding here
Deep inside of my heart
And you will listen
Or we're through
You will hear me tonight
Like I hear your every word
You'll take it in with every breath
You'll listen intently
Hanging on my words

And don't get it twisted
Don't get defensive
If anyone is hurting here
It's me
So listen and listen well
Or else we're through
You've got me
But do I have you?
With actions like knives
That run their course into my heart
Can you afford to not listen
I can't afford to lose
My sanity is on the line
Now all that's left…
Is for you to choose
To listen or to forget

The author's comments:
I was going through a tough time with my boyfriend and this poem just came from that.

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