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What You Didn't Know

April 26, 2010
By Pauline Holthaus SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pauline Holthaus SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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What you didn’t know
Is that I know too
You didn’t know
That I always knew
This burning truth
Kept from light
The winter white obviousness
Of all your lies
What you don’t know
Is that I never told
I cradled it close
It was my truth to hold
It burnt my hands
And twisted my lungs
I absorbed it all
Let it poison my blood
Like a cursed diamond
I let it take control
This thing you’ll never know
I couldn’t speak it
Because then it wouldn’t be mine
Still it hurt to keep
Pain doesn’t ebb over time
And the lies continue to flow
Yet I will never let go
This is what you’ll never know

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