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I am from

May 3, 2010
By mike5085 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
mike5085 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I am from Red Sox

where Yankees
can kiss my butt

I am from gangs
where everybody
kicks me around

I am autism
where this
is who I am

I am from legos
where creativity
is a must

I am from math
where equations
are in the bag

I am from nervous
where I cant
talk to anyone

I am from Michigan
where my dad
is a cop

I am from mistakes
where I have
to learn

I am from music
where I jam
on my alto sax

I am Harry Potter
where wizards
go to school

I am amusement
where I love
the jokes

I am from teachers
where the Peabody’s
like me

I am from Star Wars
where roleplaying
is a better than any game

I am from video games
where playing
is my escape

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