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May 3, 2010
By Blackhart0 GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Blackhart0 GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
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Outside the Government, Beyond the police...

If you can stand on the edge,
And resist the urge to jump.
If you can watch your friends fall,
But never falter.
If you can be the one to pick up the sword,
And slay the beast,
When everyone has fled.

If you can keep moving,
When the world has stopped breathless.
If you can be the one to keep fighting,
When everyone else lays down their arms,
And never stop,
Even when the white flag flies.

If you can stand at Death’s doorstep,
And still hold your head high.

If you are a light amid shadows,
A rose among dandelion fields.
If you are the moonlight,
Against a starless midnight sky.

If you are the one to keep a level head,
When everyone else has descended to war.
If you stand amid the evil,
And never be tainted.

If you are a survivor,
A fighter,
A god among demons,
A Savior.

If you are pure of heart and mind,
Your legacy shall never die.

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