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May I Be Saved

May 4, 2010
By RinaAnne GOLD, San Ramon, California
RinaAnne GOLD, San Ramon, California
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the only easy day was yesterday.

Give me strangled
Torn & fought.
Send me broken -
May they be weak.
Cry; steal tears - rest heavy hearts against my lap.
Wounds will heal
Restoring sense and
Installing basics.
It will hurt.
You will fall.
The past
Between transitions to ever present future.
Demons tire - stop - freeze.
Then dance from uninhabited souls.
Let my hands roam, healing
Across scars & soars -
Puckered in silent screams -
No time to waste, we silence roars.
Thoughts muddy across prescription borders of non-existent figures.
Sweet, sickly nature - controlled.
Oh beautiful home,
Faith once known -
Breathe back life
Against dead embers inside.
Save what may still be.

The author's comments:
Inspired from a chain of thought starting at war and ending in mental institution. MARCH 28, 2010. comment & rate please!!

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