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May 8, 2010
By silent-one BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
silent-one BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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things arent always as they seem.

Your eyes are like the ocean
Deep and dark.
I can’t help but stare.
They fascinate my own eyes
And mirror my admiration.

My reflection shines before me.
I see myself in you, standing with outstretched arms
As your pupils pull me in
Deeper and deeper.

The sky looms above me as I fall below the surface.
My fear washed over by the waves in your eyes.
I’ll learn to fly
Learn to swim
And if I don’t I’ll drown.

I’ll let them take over me,
Submerge my body into the depths.
I’ll let them fill my lungs ‘till the air has escaped.
I’ll drown if it means I’ll hit the bottom,
Deep into your heart
Where im bound by death.
Then I’ll be there forever.

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