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Let Me Heal You

May 4, 2010
By KassyElizabeth DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
KassyElizabeth DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
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If you understood
what life was about
You would have already
figured it out
Im here to help you
Not to hurt you
If you would let me
I could help you
I could help
to heal your broken heart
I can help.
I can change it all for you
I can help your heart,
your heart so black and blue.
Everything was okay for you
untill she came along
ang broke your heart
and left you out in the cold
and now you dont know what to do...
loves left you so confused
its left you with a feeling of shame
but its not your fault
its her loss
You know you dont need her
you can make it on your own
dont let love get you down
because you didnt deserve what she did to you
just like she doesnt deserve your love.

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