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Waking Dream

May 19, 2010
By Mackayla SILVER, Ft Collins, Colorado
Mackayla SILVER, Ft Collins, Colorado
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Pinch me
is this real
I am consumed by this feeling
the one I always feel

the clouds on my ceiling
they still seem to move
they float in a circle around me
surrounding me in a sky
of pristine teal

I have no bed
no chairs
no desk
just big green hills that keep rolling
on to the next

there is no sun
in this perfect box
with no holes
no windows
just a door and a lock

what is this feeling
it never goes away
I am dreaming in the light
open my eyes
here I still lay

this peaceful place has become my santuary
I sit in the middle of this box
a perfect place where loneliness
cannot touch me

when I stay in this sleep
when I wake in this dream
I no longer grab
at the hurt
that always seems to follow me

trust in me
I would rather be awake
then truely fall asleep
and really dream
in pain

Don't put me to sleep
I will be consumed by the night
I want to keep dreaming
with my eyes open
in the light...
... in this miraculous waking dream

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the song Waking Dream. It is not the same but I had it stuck in my head the night I wrote this article

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