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Lo Siento

May 25, 2010
By BubbiG GOLD, Columbia, Maryland
BubbiG GOLD, Columbia, Maryland
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Lisa Left-eye Lopes

Baby said “Lo Siento Baby Lo Siento!”
All I do is look into his pleading eyes.
I see the tears that he cries.
I begin to give in…but then I asked myself “Why?”
He embraces me in his strong and loving arms.
I paused for a moment.
Then he whispers in my ear “Te Amo baby Te Amo!”
He cries harder.

He brushes his tender lips over my forehead.
I can feel his tears on my cheek.
“Lo Siento!” He whispers to me.
My eyes drifted shut for a moment.
“Te Amo Shantel!”

I looked into his eyes again.
He looks into mine!
I can feel tears running down my cheeks.
“Te Amo!” He says to me.
I softly kiss his lips.
He smiles!
I hug him ever so tightly.
Then I whispered “I love you too!”

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