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Once In a Lifetime

May 25, 2010
By Shauna9 BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
Shauna9 BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
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Many months has past in his life
Where he finds himself lying awake in the night
Waiting on his roof alone hoping she would call his phone
Staring up at the pitch black sky
Dreading when the sun would come and rise
Knowing that when it did
He would have to climb down and live
His boring life and float the day until it was night
And when it came
Every night was just the same
No ringing phones, just pitch black skies
Watching the dull stars pass him by
He’d lay up there waiting for his comet to cross his sky
And bring back meaning and light to his life
Because without it he’s lost
But like I said it’s been months since that’s happened
And rare things they are right?
You only see a comet once in your life

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