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Withstand Havoc

May 31, 2010
By starryeyed10 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
starryeyed10 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Analyzing the possibilities
of any one quandary-
or opportunity, in question;
toy soldier, and student alike
undertaking the everlasting:
strive to desired prudence.

perpetually instituting the indispensable
intelligence- gained in institution,
anticipating the assessment;
bounding earned skills for eternity.
organization awareness endurance-
enduring the troubling forces
assuming the advantageous situations
containing so-called strategies for success-
weapons at the ready.

the secret?

Lead- Deadly Poison.

Persevering, only with glimpse of prospect
glittering in the back of mind, always.
all the while, anguish remains present,
for some inherent hostility
marginalizes even the greatest battle.
However, ever hesitant in this meager request;
short of breath when chancing that silent lament
always weary of the awakening rattle
which restores this ever-wandering mind
back to reality: commands are constant

with said commands standing true
chasing after these kaleidoscopic rules
the one-time, eternally weaponless assailants
must do:
Stomach the inevitable,
Expand the belt of tools,
Fend off those more powerful,
while always, Avoiding the fools
which will carry hearts to never ending

also stands, this free-fleeing, sometimes naïve being
skirmishing through all conundrum
ever embracing the confrontation,
ever embracing the destination..
unless it be the box

The author's comments:
comparison between being a student, and a toy soldier :)

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