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Your Beautiful Eyes

June 5, 2010
By EmilytheAuthor DIAMOND, St. Francisville, Louisiana
EmilytheAuthor DIAMOND, St. Francisville, Louisiana
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I’m trying to live my life
With all of my fears and inhabitations behind me
But when I stare at the mirror
My broken eyes remind me
Of the consequences, oh, yeah, there are consequences
For not living life in the moment
For just a moment

I fell into your arms
I fell for all of your charms
I fell hard for you and your eyes
I fell head over heels
But I didn’t know if it was real
So scared, I never told you
So afraid, you never knew

So as I lie awake at night
My heart filling with fright
I tell myself the usual lies
Maybe someday
Maybe one day
I’ll forget about you
You and your beautiful eyes

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