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The Sadest Poem Ever

June 8, 2010
By NamezTJ PLATINUM, Scottsville, New York
NamezTJ PLATINUM, Scottsville, New York
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"Life is like a box of chocolates...." (haha got to love Forest Gump)

I decided I would
write a sad poem today.
One with
dark demonic implications,
depressing details,
and perhaps of death itself.

I got into my dungeon
of despair I call a room
and began banging
the keys to tell my tale.

However just then,
my text tone goes off
and I reluctantly answer it.
I smile borderline meniacly
as I see who its from:


a beacon of light
beams from the phone
in every direction
circling the room.

It produces a warm,
fuzzy feeling down
the base of my spine,
and a happy
smile spreads
across my face.

The light flicks on
and I laugh as I text back
gitty at her sense of humor.

I guess I couldn't bring myself
to write another sad poem.

The author's comments:
Abby = girlfriend if you didn't catch that.

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dodo_95 BRONZE said...
on Jul. 29 2010 at 5:46 am
dodo_95 BRONZE, Alexandria, Other
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yea i agree with you :)

on Jul. 6 2010 at 7:22 pm
MercedesXO DIAMOND, South Easton, Massachusetts
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"I realize that life is risks. It's acknowledging the past but looking forward. It's taking chances that we will make mistakes but believeing we all deserve to be forgiven."
-The Dead Tossed Waves.

this poems is sweet and i like that your girlfriend put you in a mood of happiness. the ending was cute and i like how the poem changed.