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Best friends?

June 13, 2010
By martiii BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
martiii BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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If having a best friend means losing a part of you would you do it?

You put your time in a best friend. Something you can never get back.
Will you look back and regret not making more friends?
Sprending you horizons so to speak?

Do you think you will last through the stupid fights, live through
the hard times, stand the annoying habits, and forgive the
boyfriend stages?

Because itsn't that what a best friend really is?
Someone who will forgive you no matter how
clueless you are or how ridiculous the advice is?
Someone that trusts you and cares for as much
as you care for them.

The hardest part of a friendship is not knowing what
will happen in the future. Of course, most don't think about
it, but it is something to ponder.
Friends grow out of each other, backstab one another,
and eventually leave with the happy memories of
once upon a friendship.

The heartbreak of losing someone you really cared for,
like losing a member of the family, but worse.
Sometimes you see your old friend again
with someone else who makes them happier.

If having a best friend means losing a part of you would you do it?

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alidanielle said...
on Oct. 18 2010 at 5:37 pm
alidanielle, Double Oak, Texas
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this is amazing martha....