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June 8, 2010
By kimmii SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
kimmii SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Try to be unique, just like everybody else.

Should I?
Stick a pinky in a fan that’s on,
press all twenty-three buttons in an elevator,
drive a cart headfirst into
an orderly display of eggplants at a grocery store,

hole-punch two digits together,
pull the fire alarm,
fancy myself an ancie, rusty nickel
and nosedive into the trickling wishing fountain?
I am an infinitesimal life out of a trazillion
in this universe seeking chaos.

Who am I to go against its wishes?

The author's comments:
Entropy in chemistry means the natural tendency of the universe to incline towards chaos and disorder. I thought it might be fun to play with that idea in my poem by listing all the crazy things I've contemplated doing out of morbid curiosity but never had the guts for.

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