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Missing You But I Can Wait

July 1, 2010
By Jailei88 PLATINUM, Van Buren, Arkansas
Jailei88 PLATINUM, Van Buren, Arkansas
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I can't help but stare at my hands
the ones you held before
how you slipped out of them
it's not my fault as they all make it seem
it upsets me so
to see these hands so bare of yours
i want you to decorate them again with yours
the spaces between my fingers miss them
I stare at the mirror
i seem alone
without you by my side
the mirror seems empty without your presences
i look so sad
i could careless about me
i just want you here
i stare at the bed
so empty without your body laying there
i stare at my eyes
all without spark
youre the one who makes these blue eyes shine and sparkle
i can wait til you come back
i'll lay on the empt bed
stare at that bland mirror
and stare at my bare hands that await you

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