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My Mother's Hand

July 1, 2010
By Jellybean9898 PLATINUM, Glendale, California
Jellybean9898 PLATINUM, Glendale, California
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I will always need my Mother’s Hand
To wipe away the diamond tears
I cried as a child
To button up those frilly shirts
I insisted on wearing as a Princess
To make me cupcakes and let me lick the bowl
So I could get batter all over my face
To put her fingers gently on my cheek
And tell me that it will all be okay in the end
And that no matter what I did,
I was her special little girl
I will always need my Mother’s Hand
To guide me
To tell me right from wrong
Until I get old enough to make those choices
For myself
But I will still need her there
To wipe away the diamond tears
I will cry as an adult
Over a breakup, over my wedding, over my first child
And I will still need her to button up
My first prom dress
Because the buttons will be in the back,
Too far away for me to reach
And I will need her gentle fingers
To lace up my wedding dress
Where there will still be buttons
To let her do the honors
And she will still bake me cupcakes
For my fortieth birthday
With only one candle
To show me that she doesn’t care how old I am
I am still her little girl
And because of this, and much, much more
I will always need my Mother’s Hand

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