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July 4, 2010
By whoami13 BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
whoami13 BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
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you and i built a house together, and through all four seasons we perservered
our house was one of a kind, it was marvelous. the best house i'd ever seen
along came summer, and you wanted to build a garden; but you said you weren't good at gardening
i was apprehensive, knowing i'd have to do all the work, but i went on anyway just for you
but secretly in the back of my mind, i figured throughout time, our flowers would just wither away and die;
leaving me to replant and try and rebuild my garden, because after all, gardening meant nothing to you

but i ignored the thoughts, and let our garden blossom and grow to limits i never would've known
i never let one single weed pop out of that rich soil; without a doubt, my garden was immaculate
even the neighbors said it was the best garden they'd seen. we both were proud,
then we decided to take our garden to the next level, and you promised me
flowers that would never die. "will they turn out next year?" i asked
and you guaranteed with a smile and a kiss, that they would.

soon enough, our garden expanded into meadows; rich flowers that glowed with the sun
for a while, you always paid attention to my upkeep with it; you were my motivator
you even came home, and gave me a present: a statue angel, which i grew to love
i placed it in the center of my garden, and smiled everytime i saw it
you never knew how much i cherished that angel
then one day, i came to you and asked if my garden was beginning to be too big,
but you nonchalantly replied and said, "no, there's always room for more"

but i stopped adding more flowers eventually, for it was too much for our little yard
i still kept up with it occasionally, but once i stopped adding, you stopped paying attention
my little angel which stood in the center of the garden, always smiled, always happy
you never said anything to me about my garden, but you never really cared
it was just a garden to you, but it was more than a garden to me
i didn't want to give up on my garden then, for it was too full
of beautiful lilacs, petunias, daisies, and marigolds; so i decided not to give up

but then there slowly came a moment in time, when you never payed heed to my garden
and you started forgetting about the one thing i loved; and you started forgetting about me
our house was deteriorating, and i couldn't fix it, i never knew how. only you could fix it
the shingles were falling off the roof, the walls were caving in and rotting, everything was falling apart. it was hideous
but there was one thing i knew, i would never let my garden fail.
i had worked too hard to watch this beauty go to waste.

i guess our neighbor like my garden so much, that she decided to start one of her own
i know you adored it, for she had a much bigger yard than i, but i remained strong
every inch of her garden glimmered in the sun, she didn't need an angel to make her's beautiful
her daisies, your favorite, never lost a leaf, and she never grew a weed.
i couldn't help myself but to feel a little bit jealous. i knew you were much more interested in her garden and i couldn't blame you

how could i give up? not after a whole year of fighting this garden! i would not give in
but i wasn't going to give into her and her techniques for gardening,
i am my own individual and i have my own style; i am not going to change for you
the only thing that kept me going was the angel. somedays i sat in my garden,
and soaked up the sun, and just sat there thinking about you,
why i was wasting my time about someone who didn't care, i did not know

you never wanted to admit how much you'd rather gaze at her garden,
but i could read it in every area of your voice. i was not okay with it either
but before i could tell you anything, you told me you had to talk to me,
"our house is falling to pieces," you said, "i think it would be best if we just go our seperate ways"
and with that, you packed your bags and moved away from our rotten house

for a while i shut the shades, and hid away from the world. especially my garden
why i hadn't changed beforehand, i didn't know. i saw every sign, but refused to accept it
i was waiting for you to come and apologize, but everytime you came back to visit the house
you just came to get things you left behind, and you left without a word
i just patiently sat in my room, looking for a way to bulldoze this house

i'm still here in this lonesome house, and i'll have you know i'm fixing it up, and no i will not bulldoze it
i could leave if i really wanted to, half of me is dying to, but i can't because then i would have to leave my garden
the walls no longer rot or cave in, but as for the shingles on the roof, well they're still falling; i haven't found how to fix it
and you would be proud of me - everything i fix, i am fixing alone.
you thought you could destory my garden? well, i'm sorry my friend, it remains strong
and everytime i think of you, i look at my angel, and she always reminds me,
"this garden needs you, more than you'll ever need him."

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