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how do i say i'm sorry?

July 4, 2010
By whoami13 BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
whoami13 BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
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"your eyes are placed in front so you never have to look back" - anonymous

"I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights." - Maya Angelou

It's hard to say I miss you, when you've been invisible for so long
The minute hand on our clock moves slower than every move you pursued wrong
What happened to my knight in shining armor who always rescued me?
Yet day by day, I watched them tear you apart way too slowly
I wanted to cry, and tell you they're full of lies
But you didn't pay heed, you pushed aside my needs
It was a battle that I fought alone, I should've listened to you screaming "Just go home,"
When you left, you took everything and decided to leave a drought
It didn't matter to me, I thought I'd always be without
But as time went on, I realized this drought needed to end
And so alone, I decided to fend
Mistake number one, the silent battle has begun

I've dreamed of saving you, of bringing you back from the black and blue
But as you continue to push me farther and farther away, I lose myself in each and every way
At this moment, I would do anything to run into your arms
And tell you, "Go south! You've missed the alarm!"
But you would push me away, and I'd watch you vanish into the day
I'd turn around, and head back home...why do I feel so alone?
For 7 long months, I haven't said a word, but I've unfortunately been so absurd
Deep beneath the layers of lies, and your worst disguise,
I'm going into your chest, ripping out your heart and taking whatever's left
This has never been you, you've never left me overly misconstrued
But the dark cloud falls over your head again, and I'm left alone to fend
The tears that run down my cheek, grabs my heart and makes me even more weak
Are you sure this is who you want to be? A boy with no destiny?
I don't know who you are, and I'll never be able to watch who you become
It's just me and you...two individuals not one.
While you go south, I'll head back north...
I'm telling you now, bring on the rain, stop this drought, and we'll head on forth.
But rejection is written on my forehead for the hundreth time,
And as I shake and quiver, I realize I am way out of line....

Thanks to you, I've noticed everyone's perspective on me has changed
I now know what it feels like to feel to be overly deranged
Everyones looks at me like, "Wow, what's her problem?"
Haven't you heard of all my songs I could produce to an album?
I'll be straightforward, no lies will emerge from my tounge
I don't have a problem, I'm just a girl that has all the wrong words sung
But what everyone doesn't see, is that the smiled painted on my face
Is a mystery while I'm waiting for everything to fall into place.
I'll have you know this depression is not an obsession
Do you know what it feels like to put everything into someone & confide?
It's almost like I left this world, but came back to invisible suicide.
I'm still looking for my knight in shining armor,
I guess all I can do is try to make you realize harder.
But then the thunderstorm returns, and my hands start to burn
I'm failing, and messing up, my heart starts to erupt
It's not me who is going to save you, it's time I realize what is true...
I should stop hating you; it's me who needs to come back from the black and blue
Find someone who you can truly love, someone who wants to be above
Three strikes, I am out; I can stop dreaming of your whereabouts
You used to always sing, "you can put the blame on me,"
But I got it this time bud, there is no more "we,"
I don't know how this is about to sound...but I'll always be around -
There's nothing left to say, but:
I am sorry afterall....

Love always,
Your sweetest downfall

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