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Deafening silence

June 15, 2010
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We lay there, looking at the clouds,
the grass, so green, so new all around
us, you hold me tight to you, and a new
emotion bubbles up, from my heart, i
look at you, to find you staring at me,
i tell you that i love you,
you look me up and down, then you

pull back, you pull away...........

You stare at me not saying anything,
the silence is deafening, crushing down
on me, the pressure is so great, im sure
my heart will burst inside my chest soon,
still you stare at me, even

as i start to cry............

The sun begins to go down,
setting the sky a flame,
then as the sky starts to
darken, you get up and
walk away. I lay in the grass,
so green, so new all around me,
in the growing cold,
in the silence crushing
down on me,


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