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Blakely Gibson

July 2, 2010
By MelanieElizabeth_18 GOLD, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
MelanieElizabeth_18 GOLD, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"No sacrifice, No victory."

Blakely feels so sick to death of the tries
Vacancy feels her violet eyes
Ahead of her stands a fuzzy forest of eucalyptus
Which makes her wonder who she really is
Is black hair and dark makeup to blame
Or is her attitude to be at shame
Underneath her coarse black tresses she congers up lies
Lies to covers the hellos and goodbyes
Blakely leans her head back to gaze at the constellations
As she blithely convinces herself to be more patient

Gibson stands over the depressingly dark colored cement
The night turns the sky a dark blue tint
She knows not to fight tonight none the less
Because her mothers still quite a humongous mess
The fights never lead to victory
Fighting only ends with a plead
Just let it be
“You cant end this world alone”
But she’ll have to if she doesn’t soon leave home

Blakely can sense that she’s in trouble
And if she keeps down this path she might stumble
Yet there’s no way out of this predicament
She’s horrified for herself and everyone can sense it
All there’s left to do is twirl her thick black hair
Try and make it appear as if she doesn’t care
But the whole world knows she’s to blame
And its funny because Blakely thinks she’s quite tamed

Gibson squeals at full blast
Lying in bed recollecting the past
Her auburn curls seep down past her shoulders
Could her life story be any colder
It could possibly get better when she’s older
If she could only get out and away
But of course that’s not possible today
She would have a better chance in life
Maybe settle down, have kids become a wife

Blakely is a worried mess
As Gibson’s at home with distress
Blakely makes her bets and takes her chances
While Gibson’s smarter taking in life’s lessons
Blakely wishes on stars
While Gibson keeps her dreams ajar

Both with vast causalities
Equally trying to find there own identities
When the sun is out the clouds must roll in quickly
So that’s when they say goodbye hastily
“I walk a lonely street”
Now there above us free of defeat and full of relief

The author's comments:
An empty can of diet pepsi, "Calypso blue" nail polish, and a porcelain romeo and juliet music box sits upon my computer desk. Inspiration? Not hardly.

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