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Jigsaw Puzzle

July 6, 2010
By Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
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"Life is poetry, so the different experiences I go through in life are my poems." - Deiyjuan Christie

Unable to grasp the portrait of reality,
but somehow manage to clinch on to the faded picture
captured by the naive heart.

Once the portrait hits the floor
it's shattered into pieces, left for one to put together....
simultaneously the naive heart is left to suffer from the picture
it once believed in.

Piece after piece the mind places the portrait a whole....
Piece after piece the image strikes the soul
Piece after piece the naive heart starts to break from the sight it beholds

Down to the final piece, the mind ask the naive heart to wake up and complete the once broken portrait, only then will the heart cease the agony of its tragedy.
Enabling the heart to depose of the faded picture, and clinch onto the timeless portrait of....

The author's comments:
This poem was my realization about an old relationship that wasn't going to work, no matter what I tried. So, I opened my eyes and moved on.

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