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Gathering Distance

July 6, 2010
By Jellybean9898 PLATINUM, Glendale, California
Jellybean9898 PLATINUM, Glendale, California
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We are growing apart
We both feel it
You got a summer job out-of-state
And jumped to take the offer without hesitation
Lucky you
And you are going to leave me
We made promises to keep in touch
Knowing that we never would
Email address, phone number…
Just wasting scraps of paper we would not use
But throw away when we went our separate ways about
The first week into summer
You are just another person passing through my life
I once cared about you and you once cared about me
Or perhaps you never cared at all
We are growing apart and distant
So why do I not feel shattered and heartbroken?
(Is it because you are not the one?)
But I am glad, nevertheless, that you are still here, if only for one night
Humoring me with empty promises, saying you would call me everyday
Or text me every night
Even if you did text me, they would have no meaning
You would ask me how I was without really caring or meaning it,
Just hoping to get an answer so you could be done with it and leave
However I appreciate your lies promising fulfillment
Your meaningless smiles
Trying to act like you care when we both know you do not
And your efforts to make me believe you still love me,
When I know for a fact you don’t
And then your taxi arrives and we wave goodbye
You call back to me just before the car starts to drive away
And tell me you love me
But I know you too well for it to be true
But I simply smile and wave
And your car zooms away
Not gathering speed,
But distance

The author's comments:
Life's a ride, and people will pass in and out of it. i just sort of thought of this, and wrote it down. hope you like it

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