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patches on my quilt

July 9, 2010
By Friggi PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
Friggi PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
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There are patches on my quilt of all shapes and sizes some are from dresses and some are from memories and some are from lost causes every scrap of fabric has a story in its stitches and when they are put together my quilt is inches after inches the colors on my quilt are of a larger rainbow
There is a patch for my friend who died without a cause there is a patch for each of my friends that walks upon four paws, there is a patch i must say that allways lightens up my day for that patch is dear to me in many different ways.
Patches are like scars that show all our faults but on my quilt i think those patches are more like beauty marks

so next time you look at your scars even ones on your heart take a moment to contemplate if its a beauty mark most likely it is becaue everyones a quilt with many different patches

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