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Love, love Part 2

July 15, 2010
By Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
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Once my sight approached, your beauty was all I saw.
With her short hair, and smooth brown skin she holds scares from within.
In their sight there are plenty, but, in mine, I acknowledge and don’t harp on her flaws.

With a mind so keen that produces, the followers she leads, her dreams.
With a full pair of lips that enhances her facial expressions.
The same pair held responsible for the truthful words; which are sharp to one’s intellect.
My heart is lost within this blessing, but yet stumbles over one question.

The stars are aligned, and this forever night seems perfect.
How can one make my heart fly with the butterflies that replaced my stomach, especially one whom I’ve already met?

As my feelings merged with hers, on this forever night that remained perfect, an answer erased my previous question.
She’s worth it, and to reminisce in this eclipse of her presence is revealed as a blessing.

Once being poor & heartbroken now enriched with her love.
From the closet of my mind & past, her presence, in my life, is gift waiting to become unwrapped.
Our love is everlasting, while the ancient hurt is tossed, in a rift, forever trapped.

Love, Love….no longer am I searching for you.
Love, Love….In my life you’ve always been here.
Love, Love….My heart is open, with holding no fears.
Love, Love….I am awake, and realized my dream has come true.

The author's comments:
Finding someone who truly cares about you is a beautiful thing.

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