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The Perfect Flight

July 16, 2010
By wolfpack270 SILVER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
wolfpack270 SILVER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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"Beware your thoughts for they become words. Beware your words for they become actions. Beware your actions for they become habits. Beware your habits for they seal your fate."

Tears rain down in silence while the sunset bathes the scene in light
Everyone remembers all the things that led to this
the chance, the fate, the choices you made -- and the silence of the day presses on the room.
But love's sweet addiction keeps you from your spirit's flight,
fighting for each breath you turn within yourself
struggling against what you know is true you try to voice the words
your family all leans near as you try to make a sound
the one sensual sentence that no one wants to hear escapes your lips,
looking past the mortal plane you whisper slowly "I love you all."
A halo of glimmering light surrounds your bed as the heavens begin to dim
Your head gently turns and nature takes control.
No longer can we deny the journey you will undertake.
The sun reluctantly sets behind the hills and the sky softly glows,
the last vision you see is peaceful and thrilling and your family sees you smile as the fire leaves your eyes.
A new moon night sets softly as we mourn your loss but deep inside we know,
on the twilight of your life all your thoughts were on the family you were leaving
and now, as the day draws to a close and the night gazes down upon us all, a shooting star flashes in the sky
and we know, even though your life is gone, still you fly through the hearts of us all

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