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O' Tell Me

June 27, 2010
By LindsayLoo GOLD, Howell, Michigan
LindsayLoo GOLD, Howell, Michigan
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What of these things my ears do hear,
Amidst the old town square.
These tales of glory and sorrow unknown,
To me is much to bare.
Please pray to me.

O’ tell me love
What of this tale of man who journeyed far,
To places of the unseen world and dunes of a sandy bar?
Breathe to me the words of the lord
To whom I seek such speech
Describe to me.

O’ tell me love
Of monstrous storms that fling the waves to and fro.
The remains of vessels beached
In which tell of their sinking low.
Astonishing battles and brave in the men of each.
Paint for me.

O’ tell me dear
Of virtue and love
In which these heroes do seek.
To find a certain maiden
Fair enough and more than unique.
But what they see is dark and dreary.
See for me.

O’ tell me love
In which these tasks
Where the morals lay.
The help of the powerful gods
And the journey of a new day.

Help me dear
For I am no seer
Describe, paint, pray, and see
For my aged and blind eyes.
For me, my love
O’ tell me.

The author's comments:
This was written in the midst of reading the Odyssey.

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