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June 28, 2010
By LindsayLoo GOLD, Howell, Michigan
LindsayLoo GOLD, Howell, Michigan
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Carefully, quietly
I can't see a thing.
Bumping. tripping
Darkness tingling.
I wonder now.
Can you hear me?
Trapped inside this thing you call a heart.
I don't quite understand.
Why is it like this inside?
so full of hatred and woes.
I wonder now.
Can I help you?
Maybe, just maybe if I stick by you.
You could see the light.
But no.
You won't.
You can't.
Oh, God please help him.
Clear away his pain.
I pray to you for his sake of being.
And because I love him.
So don't worry.
Don't be afraid.
I love you.
And that's all that matters.
Carefully, quietly
I can't see a thing.
Bumping, tripping
Warmness tingling

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