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Bleeding Trees

July 19, 2010
By lifeisajourney GOLD, Coronado, California
lifeisajourney GOLD, Coronado, California
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Have you ever heard of a tree bleeding?
Well, they do bleed.
You know that sticky stuff you get on your hands
It doesn’t wash off easily
That’s cause they want you to remember the pain you caused them
When kids climb trees,
They must be careful
If they aren’t they will make the tree bleed
Sticky goo will be stuck on them
Later, they when they want to climb the tree again
IT hasn’t healed yet
They try to make the boo boos go away,
They plant a kiss upon each one
But it starts to bleed again
You get a coating on your lips
Sometimes it tastes real bitter
And other it makes your tongue feel numb
The bad guys come and swing their metal into them
But they never think about the sticky stuff
They don’t realize they cut deep into the heart
The poor tree bleeds to death
All they care about is cleaning off their metal
Some care more though
If you’re nice the trees will talk to you
When the wind blows they become calm
The will start to whisper to each other
And then maybe even to you
Some days the wind isn’t calming it’s too strong
Then the trees will start to scream
But most the time they will just whisper to you
Try to listen, maybe they will tell you how to stop their bleeding hearts

The author's comments:
I was just thinking about how trees feel when people climb them or cut them down.

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