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Writer's Block

July 31, 2010
By lnvo97 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
lnvo97 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Matthew 5:44

I'm having writer's block
I dont know what to write about
All i can think about is a stupid dream
And its colorful pictures

I am getting hungry
But i cant go and eat
I have to sit here in class
And listen to my teacher bore on
About something i dont understand

I am having a hurting back
I cant streach it
I am stuck to this chair
Reason is my sister glued my butt to an uncomffy chair

I am getting lazy
I have nothing to do
This i cant explain enough
Blah blah blah

I am tired
I cant go to sleep
Only because i have to finish writing this

I'm going to sleep
Good night
Pleasing dreams

The author's comments:
i really am having writer's block! plus all the italizes are what my little sister always saids. btw sorry about the spelling, i didnt have time to proof-read.

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