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Dreams or nightmares?

August 3, 2010
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dreams and nightmares

dreams can be peaceful and happy
they can float behind our eyes in
a gentle, calm, pleasing rhythm.
but they are also jagged and
broken nightmares, that pound
and beat in shattered, sharp,
unstable pressures.

dream or nightmare?

nightmares can terrify us
and grasp hold of our sleeping
minds, and haunt us even after
we wake up... but are dreams
really so much better? no matter
how much you lie and convince
yourself about something while
you're awake, you can't lie
to yourself when you sleep,
when you dream, when you can't
control your heart, the truth always
comes through. my dreams are
beautiful and wonderful, but
haunt my days.

dreams are nightmares

i lie to myselfeveryday.
i convince myself
that i don't have feelings for
you, that i can't have feelings
for you, because i know that
you could never want me.
But then i fall asleep,
and dream....... and i know
that what i say to myself,
is a lie. how can your best
dream be the best cursed,
reoccurring perfect nightmare
that you hope comes true?

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