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Star Bursts

August 7, 2010
By ThePov SILVER, Middleton, Massachusetts
ThePov SILVER, Middleton, Massachusetts
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Look past the canned, overly patriotic music
Forget the spoiled 5 year old child
Crying over some perceived crime against egocentrism
And his yuppie parents
Trying, too late, for some parental authority
Ignore all of that
And fireworks will show you
The secrets of the universe.

Ever starshell that bursts
Into a million little twinkling lights
Every streamer of sparks
Sent into slow motion by its own strobing sparkling
And every bright flash of colored light
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple
Illustrates our grand and common roots.

Every one of us,
Every last atom of
Every last element of
Every last living thing
On every last planet in the Universe
Every iota of everything in all creation
Was forged in the great and magnificent furnace
Of a supernova
The greatest firework.

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