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August 8, 2010
By Clover.lace GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
Clover.lace GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
My future seems like one big past.- Paul McCartney

sitting in this empty room,
watchin rain fall through the open skylight.
and i wonder how many drops there are.
ahh, what a wonderful sight.
as i walk along this empty road,
i can hear the wind blowing around.
and i wonder where its going.
ahh, what a wonderful sound.
as i skip through the open woods,
there's a sweet aroma that i know well,
and i wonder how long it really lasts.
ahh, what a wonderful smell.
but when i see you right in front of me,
my heart takes off just like a dove,
and i wonder if you feel the same way too.
ahh, what a wonderful love.

The author's comments:
the song "Across The Universe" really inspired this because i absolutly love the imagery in it. it beautiful and listening to it, you can pretty much put a picture together in your mind and thats kinda what i was going for.

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