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The Saving Love

August 2, 2010
By AbbyFantaby BRONZE, Willis, Texas
AbbyFantaby BRONZE, Willis, Texas
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If you can\'t cnvince them, confuse them.

I cant breathe with you around
The hurt is weighing down my heart
My ears turn away from all sound
Why did this have to start?

There is pain in my eyes
You just laugh
The love softly dies
Sweet sorrow across my path

But wait,
There is a light shining
There is a heavenly gate
There is a silver lining

Heaven opens to me
And i realize i am loved
I am finally free
And i am held tight from above

I cry in joy
The King is here
I forget the boy
And i am with my final dear

The author's comments:
i just started writing and this is what came out. lol

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