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Can we pretend

August 10, 2010
By Nicole93 PLATINUM, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Nicole93 PLATINUM, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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Sometimes the best two people to be together are the last two to realize it.

can we pretend that everything is okay,
that were back to where things were easy.
can we pretend, that im turly happy,
and I dont just wear this plastered smile upon my face.

Can we pretend those things were never said,
that the crimes were never committed.
can we pretend that the sun is shining,
and its not the rain pouring down on me?

can we pretend you need me,
just as much as I do you.
Can we pretend that for once,
you'll see me through.

Can we pretend I wasn't in such a huge mess,
that it wouldnt take more wishes,
than there are stars,
in the sky?

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