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In the Depths of Love

August 17, 2010
By Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
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"Life is poetry, so the different experiences I go through in life are my poems." - Deiyjuan Christie

I’m back again, from moving forward.
My mind was trying to escape, but my heart kept running towards her.
She pushed my heart to the limit, but forced it to go further.

Once alone, and fully stranded my mind sailed up the creek.
While faith, in her, broke as a branch from this lovely tree.

Returning weak, my mind lost all concentration.
I contemplate on a reason for even returning back.
Was it love?
It couldn’t be, to make me feel like that.
As a mouse, in her maze, I was lost & trapped.

Why am I here?
It shouldn’t cost to repair the love in broken house.
Awakening from heartbreak seemed to become my biggest fear.
I was falling off course, but was in need to find another route.
In that house, there arose a sudden thought.
Realizing, in my mind, there was always doubt;
A fierce battle, my heart often fought.

To justify the testimony my mind concealed;
It’s time her motives for my presence became revealed.
My emotions fell from being my crotches, to become my almighty shield.

The blindfold from my face is removed;
Now I can plainly see.
You were never the fool because that role was played by me.
Now within my new home, away from that dreaded house, the heart & mind wonders free.

No longer is my mind flowing up the creek to discover a reason to grasp.
Nor is my beating heart unstable, cracked, and on the verge of collapse.
As a down fall of all addicts, the reason of my return was a reoccurring relapse of my addiction.
Now I breathe deep with life in my lungs, and exhale the disappearing pain I failed to mention.

Through the eyes of another, I’m viewed as so much more.
No longer grounded by earth bounds, my spirit soars with a new love; that has found me.
The mind explores to remove the thoughts of this catastrophe.
Through the eyes of you, I’m where you want to be.
I cannot see you in my eyes, but through my mind you’re just a memory.

The author's comments:
When you're in a relationship too deep to where you cannot realize how badly you're being mistreated; how will you get out the Depths of Love?

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