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Aqua Theatre

August 17, 2010
By Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
Deiyjuan GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
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"Life is poetry, so the different experiences I go through in life are my poems." - Deiyjuan Christie

As the, seemingly, perpetual day arrives to close my mind draws a blank.
From that same blank; in my mind, arose an illustration of the coast.

Here lies an oasis, where I unlock the potential of full concentration.
Within that state of mind, thoughts begin to drift away.
Here lies an oasis that’s revealing endless bliss as I submerge in my subconscious, and float over my imagination.

I often fly within the waters; while my minor problems stay above this aquatic land.
When I emerge from being submerged I stand completely drenched with no desire to wipe away, or dry up my ambition.

Birds embrace these winds, and swim freely in the deep blue sky.
Never once failed to listen at these soothing waves as they pace, and race towards the sandy shore.
Aquatic peace infiltrates my ears; while the aquatic grace is viewed through my patient eyes.
Yet forever, and still I adore their visits.
Their anticipated arrivals morph into pleasant goodbyes.

Stranded in a vertex of confusion, I escape with the fishes to erase my hurt from the past.
The reflection in this natural mirror isn’t convex, so the image reveals the future wishes I race to.
My complex thoughts flow within these waters, while the untamed dreams I caught are suddenly real.

There are billions of people on this earth, but it doesn’t surpass the surplus life in the oceans.
Back & forth, waves remain in constant gorgeous motion; captured, in my soul, as a timeless picture.
Neither simple, nor complex no other fixture can relieve my endless stress.
I’m truly blessed to become crazy for this world; view me as environ [mental] if you will.
Many won’t comprehend this joy, and thrill I feel every time I’m here.
While this earth is crafted with 75% of aquatic beauty, I remain seated on my concrete seat.

Sand begins to blow on my feet, as my body channels its energy on the beach.
I handle my aggression every moment the heart beats; for it’s the progression of my dreams that I’m striving to reach.

So in my seat, out of my mind, through the waters is the relaxation I find.
Returning to the realm of peace, I bring my frustration to become released with no regrets, or fear.
I settle on that beach to admire our Aqua Theatre.

The author's comments:
Simply my love, and appreciation of the ocean.

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