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Where's My Love?

August 15, 2010
By grlgotgame BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
grlgotgame BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
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Why doesn't he like me?
Why doesn't he love me?
Why doesn't he care?
I like him.
I love him.
I care.
I want to be loved back.
Where's my love??
He gave me heart and
then he took it back.
So many cracks in mine,
all the little pieces have been smashed.
I want to be held like before.
Hugged like before.
Kissed like before.
Where's my love?!
I want to be loved by only him.
My fault or his?
Where's the issues?
Where's my love?
I loved him for forever and a day.
Maybe forever doesn't exist.
That day existed yesterday.
Where's my forever?
Where's my love...
We could have handled it together.
We could have handled anything together.
What happened to 'together?'
What happened to me and you?
What happened to us?
Where's my love...

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