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One Simple Word: Why...

July 28, 2010
By Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
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Left here, tears running down my face, loneliness ripping through its already known existence and spreading like a deadly virus. The person I loved is now gone forever, all memories left in this gaping hole of a mind, only to fester and turn into an ugly monster known as depression. This hideous monster taking control of the prime mechanics of this body, over righting all other emotions; all functions. Forcing my heart to turn black, to burn into ashes and reincarnate as a black hole, sucking all the life around it. Void of any life, this shell of a body only echoes the screams that follow in each wave of pain sent by depression. Bags form under these once life filled blue eyes, to only turn it into dull empty sockets. This shell is now crumbing, falling apart and revealing the emptiness, the loneliness. The screams flowing to the pubic for all the notice seeming like no one will help, when in fact many people do, but I’m so far passed help. I am. Just. Dead.

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