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even if

August 23, 2010
By jcampgirl PLATINUM, New Caney, Texas
jcampgirl PLATINUM, New Caney, Texas
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when you lie to someone you tell them thay are not worth the truth

You are
Or should I say
Where my best friend
You meant the world to me
I mean seriously
Not one day went by
with out me thing about you
And its still the same now
I wonder
Do you ever think of me
Do you ever regret ending it that
. . . .
That pain full day
That dreaded day
That I will never forget
Some thing died inside me
That day
What was it?
Was it hope ?
Hope that even though
I've -
Changed so much
That we could ever be as close
As we once where
Hope that I could still come
Talk to you
When my dad freaks out ?
Hope that things will ever be
Just a small rifles of what
They once where ?
I fell lost
I’m confused
How did
How did we end up like this ?
How did things get so messed up
And twisted
So utterly wrong
That it will never be right again
I know what you will say
“you have changed I- I still
Oh never mind ”
But you know what
You changed
Far before I did
And I was the only one
To notice
When you moved
And then came back
You where different
Some thing was wrong
But of course I said nothing
Because all I cod see was
Was my own stupid problems
I miss you girl
I miss you so much
I cant stand it
It fells like
My hart it eating its self
Tarring it self apart
Because friends
so easy become enemies
You knew my secrets
Yet most you
Never believed
You knew
You knew so much
Some times
I thought you had to know
Me far better then I knew
My self
Then when I started home schooling
All of asuden
No more calls
No more text
Or e-mails
Or anything
You just stopped
What happened ?
It tore -
Tares me to peaces
At night
Where are you
“I guess this is it ”
I sead
“guess so ”
Guess so
What a friend !
That you don’t even care
That I
Just “broke up”
I haven’t spoke
To you since
That horrible
And I’m not spots to
But if some how
You find this
I just want to let you know
I love you
And consider you
To be my best friend
Even if
You don’t return the

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