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Ready or not, here it comes

August 26, 2010
By Monica@Roman SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
Monica@Roman SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"This too shall pass"

The pain is excruciating
like a psyco killer's knife stabbing into my fragile being
Pain its what its called, its' my attacker
But I refuse to be the victim
It attacks me from all sides
too fast to see too fast to feel
Im bleeding all my suffering
Draining all the misery out of me
I do not yell or scream or cry for help
Because it doesnt hurt anymore
Ive transformed myself to be made of iron
Nothing can hurt me, not even YOU!
No rest, No meds, No IV please!
The pain is there but I dont pay attention to it.
I look around me and see happy people
with lives way easier than mine
I think..
no its better not to think of the pain Im in
and in the pain thery're not
yes, the pain is mine and its here to stay...

Im in bio class learning about cells and stuff and the voice comes back screaming at me it makes me aware.."Ready or not here it comes!..mua ha ha..ha"

The author's comments:
some of the stuff might be random but i did that on purpose..i think..:)

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