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August 29, 2010
By karmastew GOLD, Buena Vista, Colorado
karmastew GOLD, Buena Vista, Colorado
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You're ugly and mean,
Foul and unclean,
You torment me,
You harass me,
And it's hard for me to say,
But I absolutely hate you today.
You mock me and you sneer,
Your message couldn't be more clear.
You absolutely, undeniably hate me too.
It is mutually that we enter this, me and you.
You're gross and unruly,
Punishment you deserve unduly.
You're Vile, you're wild, you smell and you're weird,
And it is toward me that your frustration is geared.
Around and around we spin and we dance,
It is choreography of anger and not of romance.
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you I say.
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you come what may.
You're sick and sadistic, rude and distasteful,
And you fill me up 'til I'm tired and hateful.
You bore me, you upset me and you make me cry,
I'd like to, but I can't ignore you though I try and I try.
Your words cut me like a dagger,
And your glares make me stagger.
You hurt me today just like any other day,
You hurt me today with the things that you say,
With the things that you do and the things you imply,
You scheme and you yell, you curse and you lie.
You groan and you whine, you complain and you rant.
You lessen yourself and cry out that you can't.
So I absolutely undeniably want to hate you today,
I want to hate you, hate you, and hate you come what may.
But I know…you plant what you grow, reap what you sow,
And a me full of hate is a me full of woe.
I have to dig deeper, search from head to toe,
To findthe thing that makes you shine and makes you glow.
I’ve looked and I’ve hunted and nearly given up hope,
And now I’ve decided to broaden my scope.
I look at you and what do I see?
You are just like me.
With eyes and ears and mouth and nose,
We are the same, with faithful friends, and family and foes,
What is there, really, for me to oppose?
We both smile and sing and spin and dance,
You and I can advance, and entrance, and romance.
How can I live without giving you another chance?
So though you hate me, I cannot hate you,
For we are the same through and through.

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